Recently a friend of mine buy a Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, the model is Dell BH200. I have tested this product, few pros and cons.

It is hard to find this product at website, so i didn get much spect from internet. For this gadget. It can use to

  • Pair with hand phone, hear MP3
  • Pair with hand phone, be a Hand Free (Mic Included)
  • Pair with PC or Notebook, enjoy music , hear MP3
  • Pair with PC or Notebook, use for internet phone, such as Skype

1 worst thing we ever found after play with this little gadget. The Cons is

~Not compatible with WalkMan phone~

 Other then this, i also found some comment when googling, people said

~Not compatible with Windows VISTA too~

My friend was sad, after bought this little gadget, and he is using Sony Ericsson’s WalkMan Phone. He can’t use it to hear Mp3… Pity him la~

The Market price i was not sure, but my friend ask his friend who work in dell purchase with staff price, price is cheap (Not convenience to announce the price)

There are similar product which is also a headphone from iTech, Market Price is about MYR180++…

After playing around this product, i wonder to get 1 too… Because I already plan to buy a bluetooth headset for my handphone and also a normal headset with mic to talk skype to my net friend. Now, combine 2 in one… definitely worth to buy~