Since long long time ago when I am still young, I collect button badge when travel, I still keep some of the buttons badge from Genting Highland. While I am in secondary school, every event such as society gathering or scouting cam fire, sure will have a buttons badge as souvenir, I have keep a lot of this badge and hang it in my scarf.

Other then this, recently I saw those blog advertiser also giving their company badge. I just wonder to design my own “”‘s badge and send to my loyalty reader. is a website that able to let u design custom badge, this company have 3 and half year of experience on producing custom badge in Sweden. This custom badge is $1.5 each and the shipping fees is $6 for less then 1kg order. You may order more quantity but the price will be different. Other then this, they are giving warranty assurance, if the good defective on arrival, they are generous to replace for you, you just need to call their support while having problem during receive the badge.

Overall this website provide all information need for you to having your own custom design badge. I will consider to get my self 10 badge soon