BlackBall started the business at 2006 and also the biggest dessert food chain in Taipei, Taiwan. 14 Bloggers were invited for dessert review at one of the Blackball outlet in Pulau Tikus, Penang.

Blackball Menu

For my self, the deep impression for me is “Pearl Milk Tea” which is the favorite drink for a teenager. Other than milk tea, BlackBall had a different type of desserts such as smoothies and crushed ice.

Environment in Blackball is nice, suitable for a group of friend to hang out or small discussion between communities.

blackball signature drinks

No need to queue after order at the counter, you will receive this ordering device and back to your seat, enjoy the environment and chitchat with your friend.

blackball ordering device

When your order is ready, the ordering device will beep and light up, just bring this device to the counter and exchange for your drinks.

blackball signature dessert hot

One of the BlackBall signature desserts. Hot one as above, while cold one as below.

blackball signature dessert cold

Blackball Staff

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Blackball Menu

Pricing wise, is an affordable location for teen and working adult, for environment is good, but it might be a little hot if the weather is in warm session, probably they need to put additional air conditioner or huge fan.

Blackball complimentary voucher

Lastly, we also receive 10 complimentary drink from the shop owners. Awesome!