Suspect Getting Virus?

Being a IT field Engineer for few year, my experience will told me how to stop virus in a immediate way. Not with Antivirus actually. Due to strong virus, some time your AntiVirus cant able to open at all…

Back to my JUNE post about Your PC Performance, that related to my company Server which having MXDOMAINMGR issue, I have mention on how to use the TASK MANAGER for PC trobleshooting.

I always will check on TASK MANAGER process tab when my PC lack or a bit hang.

On the process tab, there are a lot of process that currently running on our PC, some are system file, if we click on the END Process, it may cause our PC shut down or run abnormally.

Virus name normally will appear here, but did you know which is Virus? same to me, I also don’t know, some time just depend on luck and END Process those with weired name.

Solution to Detect Unknown Process
I found this website from Kucau‘s blog, this website is a nice tools for me. I may check what is the file for before i END process it.

Just take any file name you suspect and type it in WhatIsThatFile ‘s website, you will know what is the file use for.

Mostly useful file will be appear with description. Once you found a file without description, it may be VIRUS

Lets take SVCHOST.EXE as example, see what i get, it will show some other related or almost similar name file that may be virus…