If you are looking for Digi Broadband review, kindly refer to “New Digi broadband” Service. Below article are base on Digi Edge Broadband Service which started on year 2004, this service still available, mostly provide the coverage for those area without 3G broadband services.

This is the 1st time I made some review on Malaysian telco broadband service. So far there are 3 famous telco (mobile telco) which is Digi, Maxis, and Celcom…

Why I put Digi 1st? because I am Digi Supporter 🙂 , and this post I going to show my experience on their Broadband.

Few day back, my boss has subscribe Digi Broadband service and the package are quite interesting, Only RM139/month, you will get a free Compaq Laptop, a PDA, and Digi Broadband service. This package last for 2 contract if not mistaken.

his package include a data module, so-called modem, sim card are insert in this device.

So for the speed not so good, I tested with few server in several location, mostly 90 to 110 kb/s only

Penang Data Center

KL Data Center

Singapore Data Center

China Data Center

New York Data Center

I have made few location within asia and europe too, the speed are not so nice, since it is EDGE only and not 3G, when I do browsing, only 2 browser I can open, and some more need to wait around 10 to 20 second to load a page.

My 2 cent
This service are portable and only for those people who need internet while traval, not recommend to for home use.

Update March 2009: Latest New Digi Broadband Using HSPA Technology launch at 19 March 2009