Today is “Hari Keputeraan S.P.B. Yang Di-Pertuan Agung”, i not really sure what is this for, just know that is a holiday, i no need to go work. Whole morning very boring online and just contact my best friend Dave to hang out at afternoon. We decide to go Queenbay Mall.

When arrive there, alot of car, car park are full, but did not affect us, we drive bike there, easy parking and no traffic jam for us. I went there for few purpose, to check…

  1. Does the Ice Skatting open already (Suck, it just roller blade, according to some friend, they want to make ice skate, but not approve, don know which sucker did not approve it)
  2. Does Jusco sell Nikon D80, because some forumer at KL jusco, bough Nikon D70, get RM300 voucher and 6000 point, quite worth (sad, they only sell compact camera, no SLR)
  3. Dave suggest to buy Sweet Potato eat; I never eat before, so just follow. It sell RM1.50/100gm, i choose a small one for testing, it is RM2.55, around 170gm. Not bad, but i did’n not carry my camera, did’n take the picture at all…
  4. I plan to change my Digi prepaid to postpaid, just seek for road show, because road show have special promotion (Yes, it have and i have sign up)
  5. Go there for “sight survey”(a lot of “chun” chick there)


I found that Digi have special promotion on postpaid last 2 month, but i did not sign up, because i still have credit in my prepaid and the expired are 1June, some more no credit card yet, the promotion are nice

Digi Road show Promotion
Normal package, when u spend RM0 to RM50, need to pay RM50 monthly fees, in this promotion, u need to paid RM20 only for the monthly fees. If paid by credit card (auto billing) will get another RM10 rebate. Other then this, they still have sell mobile phone in cheap price, and free gift. I heard some news said this promotion validate within 6 month, after that increase back to RM50

I have ask the promoter there, they told me is life time, i not so confident on their answer, so i directly call to Digi help line. They said don’t have. After discuss with the promoter, the promoter told me is “RS20 plan”, then i call back Digi help line to check again, then only they said valid.

I Don’t trust Mobile guys
Normally i did’n not trust those selling handphone guy, most of them look like Gangster (no offence), speak rude and a lot of dirty word. They try to cheat us, i experience before a shop at falim, near sunshine falim, they sell handphone very cheap, some more is original, but when they give u the phone, it is fake (AP stock, non original)

The Digi Promoter try to cheat me
On this promotion package, we entitle to get 3000 point bonus, which worth RM120, the promoter told me if i am new customer(subscribe a new line, new number) only entitle get it. If converted from prepaid line (old customer), not entitle to get it.

As i mention earlier, i call Digi helpline to verify the RS20 Plan, i also ask on this 3000 point, Digi told me old customer also entitle to get it. So, is the promoter lie to me? When i told the promoter on Digi word, they immediately said have, and said if i want the 3000 point, i not entitle to buy phone cheap(a list in this promotion). Damm, i not entitle to buy phone in cheap price. The promotion on a samsung handphone is RM49 only, but now fly away lo…

At the end, i sign up the package and paid with my credit card, after 2 days will have my Postpaid to use. WoHoo..~~ can call my friend with cheap rate.