Defragmentation is a process that helps to reduce the amount of fragmentation in your file systems. Same as file fragment, disk fragments, they are created by the allocation of file in the magnetic disk.


This happens when we create, delete, move, update and copy files from one location to another. This is because our computer system cannot or have not enough contiguous space to store a complete file as a unit and instead puts parts of it in gaps between other files. In long time period, the accumulation of fragments in hard disk become bigger and bigger, it will affects the system performance, your will feel the processing become slower and slower. In the end, system slowdown, system files crash, or even more serious will decrease hard disk life span.

So, I would like to introduce a helpful application called Advanced Defrag to help you do disk defragmentation.

By using Advanced Defrag, it will assist you in analyze and defrag your hard disk completely and thoroughly. How does it work? It will search for any hard disk bad sector, unresolved file, removes any infected and corrupted file. Then it will defrag the entire related file in same location. By doing this, it will effectively maximize your system performance and improve computer system efficiency.

Besides that, it will also enhance your windows operating system, accelerate the launching time of the program and improve the file access speed. This is because hard disk no longer needs such a long time to search for a data file in different location. At the same time, it will also extend our hard disk life span. You can save up the money for other changes or further upgrade on the hard disk.

At last, I strongly recommend for Advanced Defrag. It is a user-friendly application. However, the most important is it really does done a good job on defragmentation and efficiently speed up our computer system.