When people talking on “Invest”, we could categories it to few part, either in energy, time, money or etc. I do invest, in a lot of thing.

New Fund from Public Mutual
Pass few week, I realize Public Bank are launching a new Unit Trust call PB ASEAN Dividend Fund, i have went to make some inquiry on the help desk when i am saving part of my salary into FD (Fix Deposit) pass 2 week. The customer service personnel explain the fund and i also make some research.

Making Money already
So far, Public bank offer 0.25 cent per unit of Unit trust, and i can see the record, most of the other fund no matter launch last year or few year back, all are above 0.25cent, that mean they are making money. Even a new fund launch on January 2007 (PB Islamic Asia Equity Fund, buy 0.2560, sell 0.2726), are making money already.

How i get start as Investor
I have learn on investing during late 2005 and early 2006, just after i read a book name “Rich Dad Poor Dad” write by Robert Kiyosaki, i am curious on how to become a successful investor, so that i start to learn on it.

Once of my friend who work at Unit Trust Company and also a insurance agent, know that i am interested on investment, she was invite me to join their Unit Trust Discussion and Training last year. The location was at Ampang, every Monday 7pm. That time i was at KL and still study my last semester. At there, i learn how Unit Trust work and some good or bad about it. Most of the people out there are miss understand on it and critic that Unit Trust are useless, because they don’t have knowledge on it.

Fund that I bought
After i learn some of the basic knowledge, with my friend advice, i am started to invest. People are very curious that why i able to invest although I am still a student, the answer will always be “i am a good saver”.

Pacific Dana Aman – My 1st fund
I have invest RM500 into Pacific Dana Aman, if not mistaken, that time when i buy, the price is around MYR0.42 to MYR0.45. Now the price is MYR0.52, i have already make money on to this investment

i have also purchase a new fund launch by Pacific Mutual after i bought Pacific Dana Aman, this new fund is Pacific Asia Brands Fund, current selling price are MYR0.50, if i sold all, no loss no gain. This fund not perform good.

3rd fund that i have purchase is HLG Asiapacific Dividend Fund, it also a new fund when i purchase, i get know when i at the training center, according to the introduce, this fund are manage by a s’pore company call Schroders, and this company currently manage a fund that exacly same profile with HLG Asiapacific Dividend Fund, are making money already. With this point, i already decided to invest. Current selling price is MYR0.55, i am also making money from this fund.

For this PB ASEAN Dividend Fund, it is worth for me to have a try, in the initial offer period, once you purchase, Public mutual will free you extra1 % of the unit your purchase. The closing date for this fund will be on 28th May, this coming Monday.

if you plan to invest, or want to learn to become a investor, Unit Trust are the stepping Stone for you. This is a good opurtunity for you to have a try.