Today was 1st of April, and I was thinking today who going to fool me, no matter how this prank are, actually I don’t mind. As long I can get fool with a creative way, ūüėÄ to get some surprise on this April Fool. Unfortunately, still have few hour to end this April Fool, but no one come to fool me yet. lolz

conficker virusI still remember few years back, there are few super duper virus and worm that famous around the world, “melissa virus”, “I love you virus” and¬†a lot different trojan¬†which affect a lot or organization, and make them loss million of dollar. While today, people thought it is another April Fool Virus name conflicker virus, confliker virus, conficker virus appear actively, whom know this virus really make a big affect to million of computer, and bring harm to a lot of people.

According to the newsConficker Virus spread across the internet few month ago since octorber 2008, mean that your computer might be  infected and already a conficker carier too. This conficker virus just did not activate it self, and silently stay at any computer which affected by it.

While today, the creator fot this virus just triger conficker virus to be activate. This conficker virus actually affect a lot of computer, form a group of active node (Slave), and attack the target victim, also steal a lot of confidential information and sold to crime organization. In another word, those infected computer consider a slave for this virus.

Microsoft has take imediate action, form a temporaly organization with other large Tech Corperate to agains conficker virus.

According to Antivirus Company
This Conficker Virus also known as downadup or kido. It affect large number of computer around the world in the pass few month, this conficker worm able to let the creator control the computer (Slave) which infected to commit crime, such as steal data, attack some victim.

Those computer with less security protect might affected by conficker, and the virus normally will disable it security update, turn off automatic backup, delete restore point, also send virus to affect other computer.

This Downadup worm will copy it self into share folder within the network, and copy it self into memory stick too. Once the memory stick inject into other computer, they affected too.

How to avoid your self to be a victim or conficker carier?

  1. Get your self a geniune windows, download the latest patches.
  2. Use geniune Antivirus.
  3. Do not use free antivirus or security scan offer which pop up from some website.
  4. Turn off the autorun feature which may automatically run the program from your USB drive.
  5. Change your password time to time, and using complex password
  6. Turn off all the share folder while you connected to any network include coffee shop which offer free wifi

I am still updating my self on this virus related knowledge, will update here again shortly