Some how we use those P2P website to look for any file we need, such as software or song, and movie. Usually I will lime wire to download movie and song, and I did not depend much on bitcomet.

Recently I learn to use Bitcomet download some small useful software while I need for my daily IT job, but it is hard to find a correct file 🙁

There is a file sharing service name which able you to upload file and send the link to the person you would like to share with; and now this website able to let you download any file that other people upload to this website, just add a “1” after the name which is,

I found this useful info from Hong Kiat‘s blog, thank for his infor, and help he in my daily IT Engineer works. Just simply search some keyword, all related file will be appea, and just select any file that you feel is possible suitable you. Well, hope you could find the file you need~.