I heard a news from my father this evening about Dr.M also having his own blog, while we discuss on the “raja petra” blogging politic news.

While I blog hop as usual, found about this news from CurryEgg, and the link in her article bring me to CHEDET.com, which so call DR.M’s blog, and I was not very believe. Why make me feel so?

Dr.M are using blogspot ??? [Who is him : Prime Minister of Malaysia 1981 โ€“ 2003]

FATHER OF TECHNOLOY using blogspot?


But after check with Uncle Google, this blog is not fake according to theStar (Proft)

Dr.Mahathir blog

But why he is using blogspot? instead of self hosted or hosted with custom made blogging platform? Then only call it as “PRO” ( Need to be PRO? : Domain and hosting sponsorship program)

May be I was too over look at them; even jeffooi also using typekey as blogging platform only. so to a lot of so called “PRO” or “famous” blogger also using free blogging platform

Since I mention about Jeffooi, I hope to take this opportunity to give my opinion here , about his blog, login require to post comment, I feel that troublesome. What do you think?

Other then this, no older article available or any archieve link, only 10 latest article available, I am unable to view his older entries.

May be this is a way to avoid the government to track his older article and sue him with his word which against the law. What do you think?

Recently our country more and more blogger born, even the politician and government realize that the power of blog.

Seriously I am proud to be a blogger ! Does you?

Anyway, I am able to offer them my Domain and Hosting Sponsorship Program if they don’t mind. Lol….