Recently I meet a china friend over a Chinese forum, which discuss on Ecshop ecommerce system. According to him, most youngster over china buy online, e-commerce is consider a new tread at China.

While Malaysia, still not much Online shop, youngster here just started to sell thing online via their blog, friendster profile, facebook profile, and forums. E-Commerce Trend is still slow over here, but is consider a new begin.

Open an Online shop is also one of my dream long time ago; In my opinion, to open an e-commerce website, the most important is product branding, packaging with appropriate branding will help the product increase value.

Last year, I having lunch with a company big boss, during our conversation, he told me about his business trip at Cambodia, found that at the air port are selling some colorful stone, which is Cambodia famous item. This stone come with very nice packaging, a small booklet with description, and some nice sticker, selling at $50. While out of air port, in the city market, also have a similar stone which sell at less then $5 without any branding and packaging.

Well, imagine just some add on to the product, we so called “Value Added“, and already can sell with a nice price. Branding and Packaging is a very important if you would like to sell your product online with higher revenue. To own a good branding, we require a good design and printed out a good and presentable Stickers and pack it nicely for the product we sell online.