As we know, growing a successful business is not easy, everyone knows it! Sure you may spend money to bring traffic to your website, but most visitors just scroll, click and leave and never come back. To grow businesses, you need to build and maintain relationships with people interested in your product or service. Am I right?

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Yeah, and that’s were most companies hit a brick wall by never build relationships with their audience, and it’s why business need to use Email Marketing platform such as GetResponse, The World’s Easiest Email Marketing Service, GetResponse make it simple for you to build your own email list, create awesome landing pages and send beautiful emails to your subscribers on any device; send them an Info Pack newsletter or a sizzling hot special offer.

Create an email marketing campaign as easy as 1,2,3

Some found that to had such email marketing campaign is too difficult, too time-consuming, Yet with GetResponse you don’t have to be an expert. Choose from their 500 pre-designed templates or build your own using the email creator. Add text, add images, resize and send! It’s that easy! And with autoresponders, you can nurture relationships with your subscribers and keep them up-to-date automatically; or set up a series of emails spanning across a week or a month.

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Landing Page, A/B Testing and Tracking Result Ready

It’s as easy as dragging events to your calendar. Need a quick landing page for a new promotion? Or a signed form to capture new subscribers? Getresponse got you covered! In fact, you can have your first page or form live in under five minutes. Great marketing is all about testing. With GetResponse you can have A/B test subject lines, offers and promotions, even the best time of day to send your email! And the system will show you the winners. More opens and clicks make more sales. So for faster growth test, test, split test and let’s not forget tracking the results.

GetResponse has the smartest, most advanced email analytics on earth! Their powerful intuitive reporting lets you compare email performance side by side, track email ROI, and much, much more! GetResponse even works with tools you already use, such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, SalesForce, Amazon, Google, Paypal, LiveChat, Shopify, Magento and so on.

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So what are you waiting for? GetResponse had several pricing plans with different features. As low as $15 per month.

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