Thank for those participate in my “Domain and Hosting Sponsorshop Program” which organize at beginning of the year, celebrating 1 year anniversary.

This program is not a blog contest, unlike some blogger out there, organize a blog contest, giving out ipod, mp3 player… bla bla bla, but at the end, only their friend get the benefit, other blogger who participate and provide them a review and link back, also banner appear at their blog are actually doing “CHARITY”, to promoting the blog without get any benefit.

What the special for this program are, all participant get what they deserve, every one get the prise, as long fulfill the requirement.

A lot blogger was curious, and confuse on this program, this program did not contain any hidden term and condition actually, blogger just require to blog about this sponsorship program, show their reader about this great offer. That all~ … After getting the domain and hosting, they just require to put a Sponsor link and Sponsor banner at their blog during the sponsorship period (at least 1 year). Bloggers have the freedom to use the blog to make money online as long not use in illegal matter. Also, the content and domain ownership are belong to the participant (Blogger) , not by the sponsor.

During this offer, there are about 35 to 40 participant apply this offer, approval rate so far is 99%, but unfortunately, there are some blogger who get the offer, but did not show them self after I register the domain name they apply, this make a big loss to me for the domain registration fees.

This offer will be finish at end of DEC 2008, and soon, a new sponsorship program will be coming soon to celebrate 2nd anniversary on March 2009. Hope those blogger intent to get a own domain, and experience on real web environment will get benefit from this sponsorship program. Feel free to pre-apply one for your self 😀

Contact me at with the title “Pre-Apply Domain and Hosting Sponsorship Program 2009