After get the $100 free facebook advertising credit from Visa business network, here another 3 free facebook advertising coupon of $50 each

I have create few ads for, few campaign that you able to see at facebook as below, how about yours?

Facebook advertising coupon code:

  • T5V6-1JKV-TNH9-2MRH ($50)
  • 2JXY-WTFK-72Y0-VJ6Y ($50)
  • R1X5-0NH7-5FXW-5YEC ($50)

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My account is full of credit now, RM150 at the moment, and the facebook advertising coupon only valid for 3 month, so the 2nd one and the 3rd one I not yet try before, the 1st one above definitely can use 🙂

Enjoy youe free facebook advertising coupon!