Few day back I have follow my colleague went to Golden Sand hotel, before there, i tough is a comfortable place for the fiber optic termination, and guest what? This is the places, a un-finishing building.

It is quite dangerous, there are a lot of nail, luckily i always where safety shoe while working, no matter go where also where…

The rack are located in the air cond generator room, luckily that place not so dirty, and my colleague start to take out the fiber optic cable in the rack.

This black color wire are out door fiber optic, which pull from the other building under the floor.

We need to cut off the cover part, and left only the inner part , this white color pipe is not the fiber optic yet, just another cover of tube which contain some “gel” in site, to maintain the fiber optic from damage.

There are 6 fiber optic cable in site this white tube, we call this kind of fiber optic as 6 core

There are 4 core, 6 core, 8 core and 12 core fiber optic out there in the market.

After take out the white tube, we need to clear it, clear all the gel which stick with the fiber optic.

After fully clean, it need to cover with a small transparent tube again, my colleague are carefully insert the fiber into the tube.

6 fiber optic cable already cover with tube, now we need to start the “Termination” work.

1st, prepare all the equitpent and this “bullet”

Terminate the fiber optic tail, and we use the special tools to take of the color skin, oh ya~ forgot to mention that all the 6 fiber optic in the white tube just now, all are different color, the color are the skin of the fiber optic, it is a tube which is colored during the manufacturing og fiber optic, now we use the special tools to take out the skin, left only the real fiber optic, just small as our hair.

To connect the fiber optic with the “bullet” we need to put some liquid, and also put some gel.

Wow, look like having drug…

Have to put the green gel in to the “bullet”

then insert the fiber optic cable which already have the liquid in to the bullet, after this step, we need to wait few min. is time for my colleague to have a smoke~ haha… Enjoy life mah~ but this enjoy not for me ;Þ

After it hard, we need to cut off the fiber optic from the “bullet” head, and this fiber optic cannot simply throw, it need to keep in the save place, because it is small like needle, and it will kill people life if hit by it.

After cut off the extra fiber optic, it will look like below

The disposal extra must keep in save box, there are alot of small needle in the box, need to be careful with it.

after finishing, we need to use the sand paper to polish the “bullet”

insert the “bullet” head in to the scope

after polishing, it need to use the scope to view it, if the head pretty, job done… if not, we have to polish again, and there are few grade of sand paper for us to use.

at this moment, sudently my stomachache, and went to do big business, so unable to take any picture…damm~ but never mind, still have another 6 point at the server room for me to practice.

well, we need to use the black cover to cover the finish “bullet” head to avoid dust. So, for the final step, I will post it up after I done another end point in the server room, remember to come back again~

For all the quipment term, i still confusing on it and will find our more detail in the next few post ;Þ