Hooray! The FIFA World Cup year 2010 is coming soon, a happening biennial event that everyone is longing for. This time it will be held by the African nations. South African beat down four other African countries and get the honour to host the 19th FIFA World Cup. Since rumors regarding the ability of South African to run a big event like World Cup have circulated after they are being selected, it is time for them to prove to the world their capability.

Out of the 208 FIFA national teams, 204 teams have gone through the qualification process and 32 teams have stood out. Needless to mention, among these 32 teams, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, Portugal, England, Italy and Spain who are recognized as strong and common participants certainly entitled for the first round tournament. All of them were assigned to eight different groups to compete with the other three countries in the same group.

Besides that, as always, the representatives from Asia came from Japan, Korea Republic and Australia. However, this year, another Asian country (Korea DPR) succeeded to join this event. Korea DPR surprisingly get a spot in final round of qualifying. I am looking forward to see how this team performs.

For this coming World Cup 2010, the other countries that make it through the final round are of South Africa, Uruguay and France who are in Group A with Mexico. Nigeria and Greece are in Group B with Argentina and Korea Republic. England joins Group C with United State, Algeria and Slovenia. Germany, Australia, Serbia and Ghana are in Group D. Denmark and Cameroon join Japan and Netherlands in Group E. Italy (current champion), Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia are in Group F. Côte d’lvoire and Korea DPR meet two strong competitors, Brazil and Portugal in Group G. Last but not least, the Group H included Spain, Switzerland, Honduras and Chile.

Whether you are a football fan or not, I am sure that you can feel the football fever is heightening around the world by now waiting for FIFA world cup 2010. Everyone is preparing their snacks and sleeping bag to stay up all night long in front of the TV. What else’s more important in the coming month especially starting from 11th June until 11th July? Let’s join the World Cup Fever?