About 1 week back I have give out a tutorial on “Format Your PC less then 10 Minutes“, this method are very easy to use and require to type in few command only, and a WIN PE’s CD

A lot of reader does not know what is WIN PE, it is call “Windows Pre-Installation Environment”. This is actually is use by system builder to pre-install the OS into each new close PC. I have upload the Image file already, any one need may sign up my Feed, and I will send the link to you on the Email you sign up.

Other then that Microsoft training that I attend, this time i have experience it my self. I do the process for my client PC, so that next time when the client come back, it is easy for me to re-format the PC

The time arerunning very fast, at 1st, it show 11 min plus remaining when my progress is 2%, but when reach 23% the time remaining is 5 min plus, mean that it take less then 10 min to create the image file, so to deploy it.

After the whole process done, I am curious on the file size of the Image file. so I went to check the property of the C Drive, it cost 4G plus

But after compress to Image, the image file just cost 1G plus, you may burn it to DVD or store it in your hard drive.