~Fire in the hole~ Lolz ๐Ÿ˜€ this word only can heard over the game, but I wonder does those army shout this when they fire the cannon in the pass.

Few week back, my friend from Ipoh come to Penang, having 1 days penang tour, giving me an opportunities to visit the fort cornwallis again. Entrance Fees per adult is RM3 only. This place consider a good place for photography and full of Penang historical memories.

I snap a lot photo there, but all are my friend picture, not much really enjoy my own photograph there. Plan to visit Penang fort cornwallis again, and snap more photo on cannon. Any one interest to join me?

fort cornwallis

Some of the cannon are already rust, but some, the surface are still very shine.

Also found that some nice camp over there, make me feel like want to stay there for 1 nite, lolz ๐Ÿ˜€

Not really snap finish all the corner, still have a Francis Light stature over there. other then this, also Prison Jail and light tower. if possible, find a cute model snap portrait at Penang Fort Cornwallis will be will be very best for a photographer life.

Well, will update again once I have my next visit. Hope to bring you more picture on Fort Cornwallis Penang.