Normally when we want to open a PDF file, we are looking for Adobe Arobat Reader. It will be a problem for a fresh PC, example a after format PC. I always face a problem after i format a PC, User may complain cant open PDF file, then i need to install Adobe Arobat Reader.


I remember few year back, once of my classmate introduce me a software call Foxit Reader. This program are freeware, few thing i like about this program are

  1. 1 time installation, just copy the exe file at C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\Foxit Reader.exe, you able to use this EXE file when u next time format your PC. or just copy it to other PC wthout the PDF reader, no extra installation needs.
  2. Consume less space, the EXE file are only 3.7MB, and installer file are 1.7MB. For Arobat Reader, the installer file already consune 17MB and after install, sure consume more space of your hard disk.