What kind of survey you have taken before?

Long time ago, I have few friend who work for survey company, and they have few IT industrial client asking their company to do survey on the current market. During the survey, they have to look for tech freak who are working in IT industrial, heavy user on tech gadget, such as IT Engineer, IT Officer, IT Executive, also those IT technician, and asking them about 20 question, then provide them the product for testing. After experience on the product, provide some feed back, and get a set of free product from them. What a good deal, I manage to make a pen drive survey 4 year ago, and receive a 256MB pen drive from them, at that moment, it worth more then 100 buck.

Other then tech related product, also have those car wash, facial wash, food, tobacco and alcohol. Also long time ago, during I working at Wisma Boon Siew, the Honda company provide some 10 question survey, and get 30 buck from there. What a easy money earn from survey.

I also make online surveys before on youthsays, some of the survey provide credit as reward, some provide trial product such as software, and some provide real money as return for the survey