That it’s too late to apologize~  it’s too late ~ …
I said it’s too late to apologize~  it’s too late ~…

Does this song sound familiar to you? It is “Apologize” from from timberland.

Just to “re-mention” back my bad experience with Cathay Cinema Scam Promotion 2 week ago and I have make a serious complain to their head quater at singapore. On the next working days, their head of operation Mr.Ahmad has call me up for apologize. So… it is NOT too late to apologize.

complain letter

Following on another days, the Cathay Cinema Penang Branch’s manager Mr.Fitri call me up to understand the whole situation. Again he make a 2nd apogize (1st apologize was the previous incident few month ago, we have a conversation before) Again… it is NOT too late to apologize, if Cathay Cinema able to make me satisfy with their service.

Free Movie Ticket from Cathay Cinema
After Mr.Fitry understand the whole story, he invite me for a free movie at Cathay Cinema on the following week end. (last saturday)

free movie ticket

On that days, about 6pm, I have meet Mr.Fitry at cathay cineplex, (a very friendly person with full of welcome). Since 2 of my friend join me that days, he provide me 3 free movie at Cathay Cinema, before enter to the cinema, he give me 3 more free voucher from Cathay Cinema to exchange “Regular Popcorn Combo”, 1 regular pop corn and 1 softdrink. In additional, he give me another small envelope…

Guess what? Undertable Money? To keep my mouth close? To delete the blog post I made last 2 week?

Well, open guess! In the envelope, he offer me 1 more free movie from cathay cinema, and 1 set for “Regular Popcorn Combo”.

free movie ticket

Total is 4 free movie from cathay cinema, and 4 set of  free “Regular Popcorn Combo” , worth RM59.20 , RM9 (Week end Movie Price)+RM5.80(Regular Popcorn Combo) times 4 but if you count promotion price offer from the so-call “Scam Promotion” is worth RM32 (RM8 times 4)

Do you feel satisfy with this free movie ticket with pop corn and drink? Haha, I already appreciate, and Thank for Cathay Cinema for the Free Movie.

As a return, my blog will help them doing free publicity (bad publicity is also a publicity), are not famous like those celebrities blogger, not really give them a big help, but I think my Good friend, Mr.Google will help me promote them over internet to user when people search “Cathay Cineplex Promotion” there.

Anyway, I also receive my Hong Leong MTV Card today, and will visit more on Cathay Cineplex soon with thier free movie promotion with Hong Leong MTV card

hong leong mtv card
As my experience, this promotion are not allow to use at public holiday, not like Citibank promotion