Do you all heard before hear music at MSN? This was amazing when once of my friend – Benny introduce me with provice me this email “

Benny: i introduce one person for u,he is a good singer, he can sing song for you.

Me: who is that person, do i know him? (Haiz, is HE, not HER, intro me guy do what?)

Benny: You can talk to him, he very friendly, just add him at, he can sang many song.

Me: Really or not? ok, i try to add him(who is this stupid fella, i dono him, some more he wan to sing for me? does he GAY?)

After i add this fella, it directly approve, benny told me simply put in any song name,then this fella will sing for u, so i type “hurt” since that time i am sad. sudently this come out

Benny ask me to accept the link, after accept it, the following engine come out behind your msn. This is a bot, it will auto search those related key word and display the song for you. So far i just started to listen, not much comment on this. But remember, China server will bring alot of spyware. Just make sure your Anti virus and Anti Spyware are up to date before you use.