Few year back when I having my 1st full time job (During Uni half year holiday), that particular company are Panda AntiVirus Distributor.

From there, all their client are using Panda Security Software, even those hardware firewall also included. So I have try to use this software too, since got extra license to use.

During troubleshooting, we use panda online active scan, scan virus thought the internet without install software.

Free Active Scan

Yes, this service is free, kindly logon to their website, www.PandaSoftware.com or www.PandaSecurity.com and look for this logo.

panda active scan

After click on this “Try Active Scan” it will link you to another page. Look for the button as below

Click on the “Scan your PC now”, a pop up windows will shown:

Choose the correct country and put in your email (email are optional actually) and hit the “Free Online Scan”

You need to install the ActiveX control to enable you proceed to next level.

You will have to go thought 2 process, 1st, download the ActiveX (1 or 2 minute only) and another process is to download the AntiVirus program, it will take more time to download.

After the long waiting process, around 15 to 20 minute, depend on your ISP speed.

Choose a device to scan, for my case, I choose to scan “My Computer”, it will full scan the whole system.

Ops… My PC so fast have 2 virus already… Haha~ IT Engineer’s PC ma… sure have some virus one… May be infected when surf Porn website 😛

My 2 cent and experience
Online active scan is more faster while doing troubleshooting, and also as a 2nd backup antivirus. But 1 disadvantage that I have experience before, this anti virus will directly delete the Virus from your PC and not Quarantine it. Some how will delete some system file and may screw up your PC