Do you install security application at your computer? no budget to purchase can get a free application.

Security is once of the main concern when you use your computer to access important website, such as checking your banking account, login your paypal account, checking email, government related website and so on.

All this security take higher concern when you using public wireless to access. But in my opinion, it is not recommended to

access this kind of website when using public wifi service. If you really want, remember to install more security software. Here is the list of FREE security application that you might need to secure your computer.

Spybotspybot box

More and more malware such as keystroke logger which use by hacker to steal your password while you login into your bank account or during you check your email. Trojan horse also one of the spyware that take over your control on your computer surreptitiously. To prevent all this malware to be install into your PC, Spybot will take over the role to prevent it happen and provide real time registry monitoring feature too.

Avira avira in box

This antivirus always let me recall the movie call “resident evil”, may be because the logo for avira antivirus is a umbrella. The Avira antivirus running at the operation system background with not strain much computer resources. You might not feel any slowness when you use this free antivirus software even your PC are not a high end system. I have a lot of friend using Avira Antivirus at their computer, so far never heard any complain from them.

Zone Alarm zone alarm box

If you unable to afford a hardware firewall, which cost you few thousand buck, you can try on software firewall. Usually our operating system, for example windows XP already include a software firewall. To make protect your computer from unauthorized access while permitting outward communication at ur network traffic, some people choose to install extra firewall application. Zone Alarm is once of the free firewall application that able to let you secure your computer, you can set zone alarm to recognize your program and denying other suspicious program that intent to run at your computer.

Peer Guardian peer guardian logi

Run Peer Guardian when you using P2P (peer to peer) software to download those software or movie that infringes copyright law. Running Peer Guardian can protect your from hacker to snoop into your internet protocol address.