Oops… Why I post this fella picture, this is not me! πŸ˜› iCalvyn.com never post the author picture one…

Recently I have build my back link a lot, either submit to directory or doing LINK EXCHANGE with other blogger (any one interested for link ex may left me a msg)

I have try to googling my name see wether may list in 1st or not, but still not me, another URL calvyn.com has taken my place.

I was looking who is take after me, eventually just a few link under me, i saw this:

When I enter this free sketch link, I found my ugly picture at this website. πŸ˜€ Why i said ugly is because un finish sketch… just like below

I remember quite some time ago I found this service from LiewCF‘s blog, Liew said just attach your photo to this artis- Samsudin and he will sketch for you. I have submit mine just after read his post.

Few week back I am just recall this case and thinking how was my picture, no news from this Free sketch. I did not think much and just forget it. Today I found my picture back. But is un finish one. –>>

After browse thought this Free Sketch weblog, I saw a lot people sketch there, and and the end, I found my self again. The finished sketch. Wow, really want to thank Samsudin for this free sketch

Any one interested may email Samsudin at samsudin.ismail@gmail.com, you may get your free sketch at 320 x 240 at 72dpi.