A few weeks ago when I searching some free hosting. I found this free hosting website, so far, is the 1st free hosting that I found which can host own domain. It is a good source for those beginners who own a domain and only know normal web design (HTML or Frontpage). This Web host is recommended for the student.

I have signed up an account and help one of my friends host his website, the early stage was no problem, everything getting smooth, but after 1 week, my friend calls me, ” Calvyn, why my website half page only? and why have some other thing appear on top of my website?” Unfortunately, the web host put some banner on the top of my website. This is the cons of the free hosting.

This hosting company also provide some free tools, such as tools to help you to develop your website, tools to help you increase traffic, tools to help you interact with your visitors and affiliate program that help you earn money. I am subscribing to some of the free services for testing. once found any good stuff, sure will share out… affiliation is the 1st service I subscribe, the hosting company will pay $1 for each referral.