1) In the last PC Fair, I was planning to buy a LCD Monitor, and mounted it at wall, save my table space and get a more comfortable location while I doing my work.

But the price is still expensive, the one I aim is about RM900++ to RM1000, it is still out of my budget. I have plan to delay my dream LCD Monitor, and may be find a better price by purchasing online.

2) Other then LCD Monitor, I also plan to buy a Color Laser Printer, which able to let me print my business letter head, invoice, print my business name card, also some simple color brochure, it will more presentable while I pass it to my client.

What I concern for Color laser printer was the Toner, 1 toner cost about RM150 to RM200, if color laser printer, it have 4 color including black, it is also very costly. The alternate solution is using re-manufacture toner. I might survey for the toner before buy a color laser printer to avoid high cost in future.

3) This 2 gadget is my current wish list, sooner if I have budget, I also plan to buy a Projectors, my my room as a mini theater. Enjoy my favorite movie at home, and can bring in any food I like, which those cinema are restrict.