During my academic 2 year ago, most of the student borrow governments loan, each semester, the loan will credit into our account, some of the student get about 6,000, and some get 8,000 ; depend on the full loan or half loan.

After getting the loan, different student will have different kind of behavious, some of them will purchase laptop, buy car, pay their academic fees and keep for future use. Other the this kind of student, another type i will call them as risk taker. They take the money and go to Casino, some of them will bring double back from the casino, and some of them will loss all their money there. Seriously I am not this kind of risk taker.

Recently I heard that student from now onward are more advance, they did not go to local casino, and they access Online casinos, some of them access USA online casinos, really globalize thought Internet. For me, I will visit my self physically at USA casinos one days when I visit USA