Some of the facebook fan page owner struggle to get more like at their facebook fan page, so am I too. There are few alternative way to get more facebook likes by paying or getting facebook likes for free.

youlikehits vs 

Buying Facebook likes by paying the service is much more faster, you may buy facebook likes in website like fiverr, gigbucks, tenbux, zeerk and many more, easily cost you $5 to $10 for thousand facebook likes.

While getting free likes, it will cost you some time, let me introduce you 2 website that I lately explore.

1. YouLikeHits

Upon registration for YouLikeHits, you will receive a 50 point as credit. You may use it to exchange for facebook like simply by 2 point per facebook like. Once you insufficient point, you may simply like other’s page and earn point to exchange for other’s to like your page.


You may claim 100 free point every 24 hours at YouLikeHits, or use other methods such as Twitter follow, Google + circles, Myspace friend, Youtube subscriber, Stumble upon follower, Digg follower and Website hits to earn more points.

Advantage: You may become premium member for 24 hour once you liking 200 page or following 200 people, be premium allow your your submission on higher priority which bring faster like or following.

Once you refer some one to YouLikeHits, you will earn 100 point per referral.

2. AddMeFast

The best for AddMeFast is the autosurf for website hits, this allow you to earn point easily by just open your web browser. You may also earn point easily by viewing people youtube movie.

For AddMeFast, you may earn point from Facebook Likes, Google Circles, Google +1, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, YouTube Subscribe, YouTube Likes, Pinterest Followers, SoundCloud, and Website Hits.

AddMeFast offer you a daily bonus of 100 points, and 200 points per referral by refer someone to join this website. In order to get more point, there are another option which costing money is “buy points“, by comparing with youlikehits, add me fast actually selling the points cheaper

Tips: Both website is base on bidding system, the higher you place your bid, the faster you gain likes or follower, so in order to earn more point, you may collecting points for many day then only you submit your bidding in higher point.

Getting Free facebook likes at YouLikeHits and AddMeFast actually helping your page  to gain higher figure, but most like in there is not valuable to convert any sales to your business or services. In order to get real human likes,  paid advertising in facebook still the best way, earn real people to covert sales.