Not long ago, I saw a person post a reply at forum.

“I won waste my time read other people’s blog, I rather use my time to search more valuable information on Internet”

What a stupid statement this fella reply, I totally don’t agree with this. As a blogger, I share information, I share what I know, I share those tech gadget, during my visit to those high tech factory to my reader that they seldom see. I do agree blogger share information, and some information they share might be very important and unique, may be cant event search at those business portal. But, there are also a lot blogger blog crap out there ๐Ÿ™

Other the search valuable information from uncle google, you also may search information from Web Article Directory. This is a website which people share and submit their valuable article to this website –

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Other then sharing, you also may found valuable and useful information from this website, there are a lot of categories, such as Microsoft Office ,and MAC related articles, as long is computer related information. Customer service information also may be found there.

The advantage from this website is, you won’t get any spam information nor submit spam information, they have their professional representatives to analyzed the information you submit and added in the directory to meets their quality guidelines

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