People always confusing about this 2 term.

When people mention on GPS device, it is a tracking system that able to track your position around the world. This GPS usually use by car which in site the car have a small screen displaying a map. Whenever you go, it will shows your car location in the MAP. Mostly suitable for traveler who like to know where is their destination. The system able to pin point the destination to the traveler.

Other then above, Personal GPS also a useful system which also a Personal Locator that able to located your self or your love one any where within the coverage area

Location Based Technoloy is once of the company which provide Personel GPS service, this service called pocket finder. just a piece of button device, you can bring it along with you, your love one able to track your location or vice versa.

Picture worth thousand word, I always perfer show picture to my reader, with the picture I found at that website, may let you get clear what is this Personel GPS use for.

Parent will know where their kids are, whether their kid have been.

Suitable for explorer who always goes for jungle tracking, camping or when in to deep jungle. Good for people to tracking them if they have any emergency

This device also benefit for those pet owner, may track down their pet location if they loss their pet.

With all the picture above, now you should have idea what is GPS using for. Now a days also alot of Pocket PC and hand held phone equips with GPS system. You may consider to take one Pocket finder for your love one at