Last month my Google Adsense Account (Ref Link) reach USD100++ already and I have follow some of the bloggers advice such as LiewCF and K-Director guide on how to cash out Google Adsense Payment with Western Union Service.

Few easy step and tips that I have encounter to get the payment~

  1. Fill up all the detail such as the payment method, My Account -> Payment Details
  2. You may find some thing like this, follow the instruction
  3. Submit before 15th of that particular month.
  4. Wait until the beginning of next month

After I submit all the information, I have wait for the payment, On beginning of this month, I saw “Payment Issue”

Click on the detail to get the MTCN number, there are 10 digit there

Information Need to notice (TIps)

I have went to CIMB bank nearby my house request this Western Union form, but the Customer service told me they don’t have this service. ❓ weired leh~ every one talking about Western Union at CIMB bank, now not available.

I have went to another big branch at town area, then only know~

This form only available at CIMB bank that last time is Bumiputera Commerce Bank, this form will not available at previous Southen bank branch.

Just fill up this form, bring your Identity card (must same name with your Google Adsense Payee name) to the bank, wait for the bank manager to sign the form and process (around 15 to 20 min)

Your hot cash will at your hand.

I have cash out USD102.79 and convert to MYR 341.44, the conversion rate is around 1: 3.32

If you don’t have Google Adsense Account, You may sign up here, support me with my refferal link