When we talk about ads or advertising, most of the veteran blogger will know what is ads and they are putting some ads in their blog as well, once of the famous ads will be “Google Adsense”

This program is call PPC (Pay Per Click), shortly we can describe “Google AdSense matches ads to your site’s content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them.”…

Before sign up this Google adsense, u must have a valid website, once u sign up Google adsense and get approve, u able to generate code and put in ur website. There have few type of ads you can put, such as below

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Normally webmaster will put this 3 kind of product on their website.

  1. Adsense for Content
  2. Adsense for Search
  3. ReferralsÂ

1.Adsense for Content
On the Adsense for Content we still can divide 2 more product, there are ads unit and link unit. Normally the paid for each click is depend on how the advertiser paid. Some advertiser paid high and some paid low. Example some time my report appear 0.01 cent per click, and some time 0.69cent per click.

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2.Adsense for Search
On the Adsense for Search, i still not have much experience on it, i just plugin to my website, that u can see on top of the content or below the title. According to those webmaster out there, This Adsense for search is like the search engine, once visitor search on the particular keyword, the product are coming out, once they click, we earn some money, but very less.

Caution: This Adsense for search we cannot act it as a search engine, once we click our self, it consider fraud. Will be ban by google,

On the Referrel, once you success refer1 person to sign up Google Adsense, with the referrals link you create, you able to earn USD5 from it.

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Yo, if you still don’t have any adsense account, just

If you don have a website yet and would interested to have a adsense account, may be u can sign up at blogger.com, get yourself a blog, post some article, then try to apply Google Adsense, probably you will get approve.

How to sign up blogger.com? refer my previous post : How to start a blog at Blogger.com Wish you good luck !…