Recently google wave is very popular topic among techies, and saw a lot of people posting Google Wave invitation at facebook, unfortunately, all give out very fast. No opportunities to grab one for my self.

google wave

A friend of mine, Michael Teoh share with me his experience on Google Wave invitation, initially he receive the invitation from his friend, he thought is just some junk mail, and he click delete, another invitation arrive, he do the same, and 3rd invitation, he click as spam! WTF! At the end only he realize how valuable this invitation are. We are not allow to sign up at Google Wave website, only whom with invitation allow to sign up.

At last, I get my google invitation from Jason Gan, a Social Media Marketer. Previously found that each people sign up have 10 invitation to send out, but for my account only have 8 invitation.

google wave invitation

I not really familiar with Google wave yet, still in the mean of exploring, so if you no idea what is Google Wave, probably this video can give you some clear picture

I do have 7 more invitation, any one would like to have it? Do comment below, I will send you an invitation πŸ˜€