With the topic above? can iCalvyn.com get sue?

haha~ just kidding only, how can government doing pireted~

I went to Maktab Perguruan Perlis ( teacher’s college ) for Cat 6 installation,during labeling the face place, my part time colleague suddenly ask me:

Part Timer : Calvyn~ why this PC so big one?

Me : (without see the CPU i reply) should be server la~

Part Timer : Why server need so many CDRom?


WTF~ that is not a Server, is a CD clone device~ why a government’s college have this kind of thing? doing pirated~ no wonder that room full of blank CDR around.

I always saw this kind of device in news paper, all about pirated organization cloning DVD and VCD to sell at night market. Now really see a real one and legal one~


This device 1 time can clone 10CD, just put the source CD in the 1st CDrom and put the blank disk in the rest of the CDrom, just a simple button located at the middle of the device… wait for some time and 10 hot disk coming up~

wow, i wish i have 1 of this device, can make some pirated CD selling in night market~