Not long ago we all wish each other “Happy New Year“, every one celebrate for the beginning of Year 2009, and within the same month, now was Chinese New Year, every Chinese wish each other “Gong Xi Fa Chai” (means “wishing you enlarge your wealth”) Seriously, this year really better, don’t you believe?

Well, before I told you why this year is better,I represent would like to take this opportunities to wish all my reader here “Gong Xi Fa Chai“, other then “Fa Chai“, for those blogger and webmaster, wish you all get more and more traffic at this coming OX year, and increase your online income, and make more money online.

This year I having my Chinese New Year mode very early, about 2 week ago already started. Not really because of the firework sound here and there, not really I manage to buy a lot new year cloth and shoe, or any get some good comment from fortune teller…Β  Just a special feeling told me that this coming year will be better then previous.

Currently, most of the people always hang “Economy Bad” behind the mouth, but does economy really that bad? So far I did not seem any, just “heard” a lot.

Honestly, I believe in what I seem more the What I heard. People always said factory are retrench worker, but the news is just a news, see those people around you, who get retrench? Touch wood! People around me not even a shadows, my friend‘s friend. my auntie‘s daughter in law‘s nephew‘s neighbor‘s son?

Why the media always make a big news? In my opinion, all this news bring benefit to the company owner. In employer of view, imagine you are a company owner in a MNC company, you try to fire/retrench 10 workers, but when media interview your, would you like to report 10’s or 100’s or even 1000′. With the “kia su” behaviors that you and me have, mostly we will told how worst our situation are.

Try to imagine again, as a employee point of view, after you “heard” so call this kind of “bad news”, do you dare to job hop? even you dare to, do you dare to request higher paid? even you dare to, the company sure told you “ECONOMY BAD, only can offer you $XXX “, so how? I think most people will nervous, and force them self to accept the low offer. Whom benefit?

Especially teenager, don’t tell me Economy Bad!

Especially Teenager, even week days I pass by restaurant at shopping complex, most of the time are full, taking a meal there are at least 50% expensive then normal road side coffee shop.

Other then this, while I pass by those pub and disco at week end, those teenage over there drink beer like drink water… Economy bad still can spend those money?

Petrol Price Drop, Business Owner Positive Cash Flow.

Not long ago the petrol price increase, and all the product out there follow increase, but currently the goverment decrease the petrol price, and all the business owner take the advantage remain their selling price, some do decrease, but just a small amount.Business Owner get a positive cash flow, also higher profit margin.

Business Expand, more job oppurtunities

As you can see just a small Penang island, so many new hypermarket and shopping complex openning with this quarter. Gurney Plaza Phase 2, EconSave HyperMarket, Pacific Komtar, SunShine Falim, follow by Time Square on the 1st days of Chinese New Year.

Not only shopping complex, there are few hotel are coming up too, just not much people realize it yet.

Again, seem your self instead of heard, try to feel how good our economy are πŸ˜€ any way, New Year New hope, if your are not in the above categories, who get affected, wish you good luck this year, Fa Chai Fa Chai πŸ˜›

Ops… May be I am bull shit, but at least I have positive thinking over the economy here.. πŸ˜€