Wouldn’t it be great if you were in control over your website’s ranking on the search enginesGoogle such as , Yahoo and Bing? Imagine your sales of customers were to find your website when they search for goods or services that you offer, you need to be seen on the search engines and pinger ping service can help you. So how to let search engine index my website and rank high?

Simply subscribe to pingler service and add your website into your pinger account, along with the search terms that you wish to rank for, pingler will then ping or transmit this information across to the search engines, in response to their pings your website will be indexed by search engine and considered for ranking for your chosen search terms.

How To Let Search Engine Index My Website?

Simple, so how can this help you get more visitors and customers, let us assume for the sake of this demonstration, that you are a dentist and your surgery is located in Rome, you want your website to be found by local patients searching the internet for a dentist in Rome, so ideally you would want to be ranked for terms such as emergency dentist in Rome, or best dentist in Rome. Pingler helps you achieve search engine exposure safely and easily, regardless whatever type of goods or services that you offer, whether you want to reach a target audience to promote your online business, or to boost your online presence.

Pingler can help you! Visit pinger.com, select a package (as low as $2.99/mo) that suits you and enjoy the many benefits of a premium subscription to their ping service. Being a premium subscription, you can enjoy automated ping. In the other hand, if you would like to enjoy FREE services, you had to manually submit your link every time you had a new blog post.

How To Let Search Engine Index My Website

It is very easy, just visit Pinger.com, Key In your post title (can be your keyword), key in your blog post URL, select the categories and hit “Ping!”, pingler will ping your blog post to all the ping services, and your blog post is quick get indexed by a search engine. If you want to know more why back links need indexing?, <- Read this