This is a simple trick to hide your file under the Jpeg image. if you have any confidential file, you able to hide it and save it into pen drive to transfer. Once people steal your file, they have no idea to open. I get know this trick from a blog name

  1. Prepare a Jpeg image (Hello.jpg), a document that you need to hide (confidential data. txt), I put both of this file into a folder called “testing” under C drive
  2. Zip both file, name it as zip
  3. Open a Command prompt , go to the director ( C:/testing/>), type this “copy /b hello.jpg + iCalvyn.jpg”
  4. You will found a new image name iCalvyn. jpg appears this file contains the both of the images hello. jpg and confidential data. text inside. To open it, open this image iCalvyn. jpg with WinZip, you will get the file in site.
  5. Complete, so just send this iCalvyn.jpg to the target audience. Once people obtain this image, he/she does not know what is actually hide behind.