As an IT Officer in the hospitalities field, i also experience before working at reservation department during my trainning last year, to get know how the progress and also the system works.

Working at reservation dept, not only answering call from customer booking, now a days also include Internet Booking. The reservation agent need to check email, login to the reservation website to check on the reservation.

Online booking are very famous now a days, for example, just login to and you are able to book the hotel online. This website is a world wide website to enable you search for Cheap Hotels around the world.

Other then Cheap Hotels, at this website also offer motels, resorts, vacations rentals, flight, cars renting and vacation package as well. The pricing are not expensive, you also able to get rebate up to USD100 for the hotel booking.

If you want to have your vacation and don’t know where to visit, this website also provide destination guide for the whole world, such as Middle East, Asia, Europe, South Pacific and etc.

After visiting, i already have a vacation plan in my mind, i would like to have a vacation for my self in the next summer, probably will go to Hong Kong and will search for hotel booking through this website.