Few days ago drop by at Crispnetworks.com a tech blog also, written by Tommy Chieng, which show me a special webtools… Well, this is a right time to visit a right website. I am doing some web hosting research recently.

On Tommy’s article, he show that a website which able to let u track how many domain that currently hosted in your shared server. I am using shared host, since I am not rich yet, may be soon have my own server~ 5 year , 8 year or 10 year later (may be not)

My IP Neighbors is a website that able you to track how many domain are hosted in the same server of yours domain. For example, I am currently using shared hosting, I found that my hosting server has 88 domain hosted in that particular server including my self

The world are so small, are you agree? I realize that Ipohchai.com, Droool.net, KaiLoon.com, Project010.net are same server with me, this few domain manage by the person who I know~ ๐Ÿ™‚

There are a lot of neighbors too, I going to say high to them already~