Recently I saw some website attach msn messenger into their website, just for customer service, inquiry and technical support purposes.

At the same time, my client request this kind of service to be attach live messenger in their e commerce website.

To enable adding msn live messenger to website, you require to attach a coding into your website, to obtain the code, just use their create html page.

You require to login into your msn messenger account, then choose the correct layout/control you prefer.

add live messenger to website

after select the size, and theme color, copy the coding below there and paste at the location you want your msn live messenger to display.

for example, this is mine, you can chat with me here:

After post in the code, if your visitor unable to see your online status.
You might need to do another step, to manage your messenger web setting, select “Allow anyone on the web to see my presence and send me messages” and save it

enable msn indicator