How to change email password at Direct Admin

Last time, before I really start my hosting business, I do introduce all my reader who need hosting to buy from my friend, and his hosting are using direct admin.

Some of my reader face the same problem after use the direct admin webmail, it does not has the link to change the email password.

For example, the owner of the hosting create a email with a temporally password for his friend or family, while the person login the webmail, it does not able to change password, unlike cPanel. cPanel able to let user change the password just after login to the webmail, (illustrator as below)

cpanel webmail

cPanel able to click “change password” after login into the webmail For Direct admin, no change password link…

After further check with my friend, he give me a Direct Admin change password link, which must replace with my domain name. The link are not attach at direct admin control panel, if you are using direct admin, and would like to change your email password, this link should solve your problem

(replace the red above with your domain name)

How to change email password at direct admin … Not hard right? if you have this link πŸ™‚