I had to file a complaint in National Consumer Complaints Center (NCCC) lately for the unfair services offer by a fitness center in Penang.

nccc complaints letter

NCCC is a non-government organization (NGO), their vision is to develop an independent mechanism for a consumer with the ability to solve problems in a fair, simple and efficient mediation system, and their mission is functioning as intermediaries between the government bodies, private sector and consumers in identifying solutions to any complaints.

I had few experience with NCCC previously, one of it is a complaint toward Digi Telecommunications, after I file a consumer complaints online in NCCC’s website, I get no respond from NCCC, but I receive a call from DiGi within a month, a special department which handle feedback from NCCC call me to resolve the issue. A credit to DiGi here because they handle customer complaints effectively.

Lately, I had to file a complaint on NCCC’s website on Absolute Fitness regarding their unfair services. As you can see above date, approximate 3 weeks after I make complaints, I receive a carbon copy letter from NCCC to Absolute Fitness. Unfortunately, they do not do a response before the stated date.

I contact NCCC and ask for the next action; they mention if the respondent do not make response, mean they commit it, what the complainant complaints is the right issue. They will advise us as a consumer to file higher level complaints at Tribunal Consumer Claims, I will write more about Tribunal Consumer Claims process shortly after I go through the entire process of the complaints.

How To File a Complaint in NCCC?

For National Consumer Complaints Center, they do offer 3 levels of process to the consumer:
1st, they receive complaints from complainant, they will record the complaints, ensure with strong evidence such as IC, company name, and address, after that they will analyst the issue.

2nd. NCCC will direct consumer to the relevant authority, or directly to the claim on behalf of the complainant to the respondent, NCCC will write a letter of complaint to the demands or to negotiate to resolve the complaint is made.

3rd, NCCC will receive a response from respondent, and direct it to the complainant and advice further action to be taken.

As you can see in NCCC’s website, a lot of case study available, from small to medium enterprise, businesses who provide lousy and bad services receive their penalties and consumer get back their consumer rights. At the same time, a lot of people who file their complaints and did not get any response from NCCC. As clarity by NCCC, they lack of resources and somehow they will late in process consumer complaints, also if you receive no letter, mean they contact the respondent directly via phone or related department or by email (Like my DiGi’s complaints which do not get any respond from NCCC)

How to make a complaint / e-aduan at NCCC?

You can make an e-aduan at NCCC at http://www.nccc.org.my/, click on the “e-aduan” tab and proceed further; remember to provide National Consumer Complaints Center a sufficient information in order for them to process it effectively.