This tips and strategies suitable for a new startup who not yet had a facebook fan page, and wish to create a fan page with organic likes where all the all these people high possibility convert to leads.

This strategy will be leveraging “People who like” and “Do more with Page” feature a.k.a “Profile to Page migration tool“.

Search People Who Like in Facebook

1st, search for people who like your competitor page, or people who like your services. Take an example, I am a car dealer, I wish to build a fan page with people who like cars or possibly buy a car from me. Here the step, go to your facebook search button, key in People who like Honda Malaysia

People who like Honda Malaysia

After the search, add those people as a friend until you hit your maximum limit of 5000 friends. Note that you may also search for other keywords such as Toyota Malaysia and etc.

tipsTips: You may also manually search for a particular fan page directly, example link like this,, replace the numbering by the facebook fan page ID. You may place the full URL for the fan page in or to find out the fan page ID

Use Profile to Page migration tool

2nd, go to, and proceed to migrate your profile to a Facebook fan page. From there, you can go public, track useful info such as insight, you may also reach more people using ads and most important is making money as only pages have the access to the tools where it can help you to make money from your post.