Installation and configure a Linksys wireless Router needn’t be a difficult challenge, especially with the newer Linksys router models getting easier to set up than ever. Having said that as soon as you use this user manual you will possess your personal wireless network set up quickly enough! How to configure linksys wireless router? First things first let’s take a look at the back for the router.

Whereas the various designs will be there are actually usually the subsequent ports:

Power port in which the power lead switches into
WAN port, more details on that below.
Ethernet Ports, typically 4 of these working at 10/100 or 1GB.
USB port for plugging in bulk hard drive device (optional)

The WAN port might vary dependent what unit that you’ve but will possibly be an Ethernet port and even a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) port. Many individuals make use of cable and therefore provide the model using the DSL port. If you stay in a region that has the other sort of cable using Coaxial then you certainly might need a model making use of Wide Area Network Ethernet (WAN) port.

You are going to want to be the router powered up first after which connect the Wide Area Network port. In case you are on Digital subscriber line then you’ll really need to connect a micro filter in your phone socket and next an RJ11 cable from the micro filter on the DSL port. To set up the router you can either stick to the steps upon the setup CD or apply it manually.

In most cases the setup CD will be able to make suggestions over the action and it’s tips on how to complete the work. However if you don’t need a install tips guide and then manual process straightforward enough. For a start connect an Ethernet line directly into router therefore the other end onto your desktop. Dependent upon the router you would right away issued an IP. Look into the icon in the bottom right to verify that your connected. You probably have limited or no connectivity you will need to set yourself an IP.

The default wide range for Linksys routers is usually 192.168.1.x but check the documentation to verify. Give yourself an IP address of (You could already have to swap that based what the default wide range is). Log on to the Linksys router configuration webpage, this will be the http:// followed by the IP with the router (again, look at the documentation given).

Using the webpage you might be capable to startup the wireless network by having a name and key which you decide. Just try to find the wifi menu. Eventually you may find the ‘WAN’ or ‘Internet’ tab and setup the internet connection. You would like to key in the username and password your Internet Service Provider gives you.

When you’ve complied you must be ready to roll! Take a look at your personal wireless networks on your personal computer and you might find your own detailed there, pop the key in and link up and you should have internet connection! this is how easy way to configure linksys wireless router. Remember, when you require more coverage, you also can place more wifi router, wireless router also an access point.