My facebook account had nearly 3000 friends, and one of the methods to increase my facebook fan page is to invite my friend to like my fan page.  In order to get more exposure and increase more likes, other than using Facebook ads, you may try another method by granting the admin access to another person, and this person invites all his/her friend to like your fan page. There are some difficulties if you invite all your friend manually by tick one by one and invite to like your Facebook fan pages with the conventional way. Example.

1. After creating your fan page, you can see “invite friend” in your right sidebar.

facebook invite friend

2. Click on it and tick one by one for each of your friends, but with few thousand contacts, it is very time consuming if you tick one by one, and also very memory consuming for your workstation. It might hang halfway in the middle of thousand tick. So how to invite all friend to like my facebook fan page?

facebook admin invite all

After I google around, there are some javascript method which requires to paste at your Internet Address bar and hit enter, but there is a risk if this javascript is not performing the correct action as you want, your account might be compromised if the javascript is some malware script. Other then this method, there are another method with Google Chrome browser, just require to install additional extension name “facebook inviter” Once you install, you had additional button name “Toggle All

3. Do the same as above 1 and 2. after that you can see “toggle all” button, but don’t directly click it because all the friend display in the box is part of your friend list only, probably 200 or 300, you need to scroll it to your last contact (make sure it is the last contact), and click “Toggle All

facebook invite toggle all

4. All your friend selected, and click submit.

5. Lastly, if you wish to get more exposure and likes, look for friend or someone you trusted, who had a lot of friend list as well. Grant him/her admin rights at your fan page and his/her perform the above step. (install facebook inviter, and invite his/her friend)

That all for my method to invite all friend to like my facebook fan page. This method is not that effective if you look for an awesome figure of likes in your facebook, you may try facebook ads as a white hat method or buy fake likes in Fiverr as a black hat method.