Lets begin by saying that in principle AdWords is a fantastic system that gets your product or service in front of those who will buy it! How you going to lower your AdWord advertising cost and convert the traffic into sales?

With using Google AdWord you can:
Be on the top page of Google within 10 minutes using any phrase that you feel your target audience are using. Choose the wording of your ad to whatever you feel will appeal to them and Only pay when a person actually clicks on the ad and visits your site.Other then this, you can also choose the wording of your ad to whatever you feel will appeal to them. You only pay when a person actually clicks on the ad and visits your site.

So in principle AdWords could be the advertising equivalent to a silver bullet and can get you massive exposure! If you have not tried AdWords this would be very appealing.

Butwhy are so many companies that use AdWords disappointed? Why are so many companies that have used it felt that it was a complete waste of time and money?

The answer is simple. They have not used it properly!
At this point you may be thinking ” what is he talking about I am using it properly” well in the last nine years I have helped hundreds of companies that felt that way to greatly improve their AdWords campaigns and they all realized after a short while that it could be done far better.

You may need some proof of this so I would first like to start by giving two examples that I have personally been involved in to show that AdWords can work.

One was for a company that used AdWords to generate leads for mortgages and loans. They were paying on average $30 per lead in AdWords advertising but they sold the leads on to a company for $60. They asked me if it was possible to reduce the AdWords cost per lead. I managed to reduce their AdWords cost to $12.97 per lead. This halved their costs. They decided to use the savings to generate more leads and they actually doubled their business.

Another company I have helped used AdWords to sell their ink jet cartridges and printing products. They just about broke even on their AdWords advertising. How could it be improved? First I managed to reduce their AdWords costs by about 30% but also took a long hard look at their site. I saw that there were several products that they sold using AdWords that were really profitable but others just broke even or worse were, making a loss. So instead of advertising all their products using Ad Words I suggested that they concentrate on these high profit earners. Using AdWords they sold more of these high profit products and made double the net profit for less AdWords costs.

Can this be true of every business. To a greater or lesser degree. ES!

Writen by Graham Callingwood, The Top Page Guru www.toppageguru.com