A lot of people want to know how to optimize your WordPress blog, make it load faster as possible. There is ton of way to optimize it, such as database optimization, image optimization, cache optimization, choosing a good hosting service provider, leverage on CDN, especially optimization plugin and so on.

How To Optimize My WordPress Blog Using WP-Optimize

How To Optimize My WordPress Blog?

For me, I don’t specially pick any web hosting service provider, as long as a stable one located at USA data center, it will be good for me. I have leverage on CDN as well as caching plugin.

Imagine In today’s online world, we expect everything to be instant, the few seconds we wait while a web page loads feels like forever. Correct?

Let me introduce you to WP-Optimize, a plugin I used to optimize my WordPress blog. Tt designed to transform the speed and efficiency of any WordPress website. It does this in three clever ways:

Database Optimization

Do you know why our WordPress’s site will be slow? Because from time to time, we have a lot of autos draft post, post revision, trash post, unapprove comment and etc, it cause our database full of craps.

By using WP-OPtimize to optimize your database, first, it automatically cleans up and enhances your WordPress database by removing trash, draft, spam, and other data you no longer need. Turn your WordPress blog to a lighter, faster website. I remember during my first time using this plugin; it shrinks my database from 4x MB to less than 10MB.

Once you have downloaded WP-Optimize, you can further reduce your site’s loading time with their easy-to-use database cleaning feature, database optimization is a powerful tool that allows you to clear out unnecessary data, clean up your tables, and even retrieve space lost, the data fragmentation! Check out below video how this feature works:

Image Optimization

If you are not a designer, or without knowledge to resize your image, reduce it to web use image size, your images sure will be a very large and non optimize image.

To optimize your image, second, WPOptimize compresses enormous images that weigh down your sites and make them slow to load, using cutting-edge cloud technology, it creates new fast loading images and swaps them out for you. Unlike other plugin, it give you a daily limit on the image optimization feature. WP-Optimize done it for you instantly. Checkout this video on how this image optimization works:

Cache Optimization

Third, it caches your website so that all pages and posts load quickly as static files. Caching feature will work more perfectly if you combine with CDN services such as CloudFlare. With just a few clicks, you can easily setup the cache feature in WP-Optimize.

All in all WP-Optimize has the advanced features you need to achieve a high speed website. Simply, around a million websites trust it to keep them fast and efficient, yet for those who want alternate speed, WP-Optimize Premium is packed full of powerful features to make your site go faster than ever. Including feature like multi-site support, advance optimization option, remove unwanted images, lazy loading (one of the best optimization nowadays), optimize individual tables, scheduling, enhance logging and reporting, multilingual and multi-currency compatible caching, compatible with tracking queries and of course with premium support from the expert.

WP optimized make your site fast and efficient!

WP-Optimize Premium

WP-Optimize is FREE, which include database optimization, image optimization and cache optimization, you may download a copy via their website or if you wish to test an advance feature, you can try WP-Optimize premium with as low as $39/year, license for 2 WordPress site.

Note: If you are using WP-Optimize plugin, I also strongly recommend you to use another plugin name Updraftplus for WordPress backup purpose, both plugin are from the same developer. Check out how to backup my WordPress blog using WP-Optimize.

Hold on! Do you want to test out the WP-Optimize premium feature for FREE?

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