If you use WordPress for long enough, I believe your blog must get hacked before; I face it multiple time especially I use outdated themes many year ago. Let me share with you how to backup my WordPress blog, before this, let me explain why we need to backup our WordPress’s site!

When you are hosted a website or blog using WordPress, you’re vulnerable! vulnerable to hackers, regular security flaws, insecure web hosts, bad or oudated plugins, server crashes and user error. When you get hacked, your website went down, you’d lose time, money, and reputation toward your visitor, that’s why you need a reliable backup for your WordPress’s site.

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How To Backup My WordPress Blog

I use Updraftplus backup plugin,it is the most highly rated and popular for backup plugin, trusted by more websites around the world than any other; it provides an easy intuitive way to backup and restore your WordPress website and all related files and databases, to create automatic backup schedules, to send your backups to remote storage locations like Dropbox, s3, and Google Drive, and to restore them with just a couple of clicks. For instance, I backup it to Dropbox weekly. Checkout below video tutorial how to backup wordpress into dropbox.

For some reason you don’t like to use dropbox, you may also backup your WordPress into One drive. Check out below video on how to backup WordPress in one drive!

If you buy Updraftplus premium, you can backup unlimited non WordPress files and additional databases; even backup to more storage locations, or to their seamlessly integrated Updraftplus vault, at exact times. It also has database encryption feature and lock settings access, this is very essential if your website database contains information you need to protect, premium version can also copy or move your website to a new domain, restore old backups made by other plugins, and it works across multiple sites and networks, and with Updraftplus premium paid version, there’s also a fast and friendly expert support team on hand to help you solve all your technical problem.

Updraftplus Premium

If you are using WordPress, it is vulnerable, I strongly encourage all my audience and student to install Updraftplus in your WordPress’s blog. This is the method how to backup my WordPress blog to ensure my site is always safe!

Note: If you are using Updraftplus plugin, I also strongly recommend you to use another plugin name WP-Optimize for WordPress site optimization purpose, both plugin are from the same developer. Check out how to optimize my WordPress blog using WP-Optimize.

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